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The Indian Ocean Great Escape

maldivesThe island country of the Maldives contains 26 regular atolls comprising of heaps of white sandy shorelines, turquoise waters, tidal ponds and reefs. The vacationer put additionally has host of ultra present day 5-star resorts which give world-class offices to the guests.

# Attractions of the Maldives

Bluetribe Moofushi: The Maldives is honored with extraordinary waters and unimaginable marine life and the Bluetribe Moofushi jumping focus offers the best of everything. Exercises, for example, windsurfing, plunging, riding on sailboats or pedal water crafts, snorkeling and kayaking are the highlights of the Moofushi. The energizing outings likewise offer a sentimental journey and conventional Maldivian marine life.

# Hukuru Miskiiy

The acclaimed and most established mosque Hukuru Miskiiy is otherwise called the Old Friday Mosque. The mosque is a heavenly piece and a particular work of engineering on the island. It has entrancing insides and coral stone dividers with noteworthy carvings that draw a few local people and also design significant others. The quiet and calm place is a perfect spot to find the Islamic culture of the Maldivians.

# National Museum of Maldives

Located at the capital city of Male, the National Museum of Maldives gives an incredible understanding into the historical backdrop of the nation through its showcases. It is one of the celebrated vacationer goals and fortunes original copies, arms, adornments and many outfits worn by lords and rulers of the nation. The first historical center was a 3-story building and another part of the gallery was fabricated and outlined by the Chinese Government couple of years back.

# Banana Reef

Water sports never go out of your sight in the Maldives and the Banana Reef is the most sought after diving site of the island. The banana shape 300 meters reef features plenty of marine life. The countless number of fishes of different colours and sizes includes Napoleon Wrasse and the rare Banana fish.

# Island of Gan

The island of Gan is among the largest islands of the country. The long and narrow island connects to several other islands through causeways and features traditional villages. These past settlements will take you to a simpler way of life of the locals.

# HP Reef

Home to several superb coral reef formations and underwater colourful fish HP Reef is one of the best diving sites of the island. Located at the North Male Atoll, the marine protected area is the famous spot for tourists. If you are looking for a close encounter with exciting marine life under the deep azure sea, this place is surely for you.

The Maldives encompass more than 99% of the sea and is home to numerous diverse aquatic treasures of the world. The rest 1% land is a masterpiece in natural landscaping and diverse vegetation hat encourage eco-tourism to protect the sensitive environment. Maldives tour packages are available at attractive rates and people from all over the globe grab their tickets to enjoy a vacation full of fun and adventure.

Things to do in Halong Bay

halong-bayBeing perceived as the Natural Wonder of the world by UNESCO, Halong Bay is among the value going to scenes in Vietnam for visitors, both local and universal, who adore finding magnificent works of the Mother Nature.

Being perceived as the Natural Wonder of the world by UNESCO, Halong Bay is among the value going by scenes in Vietnam for sightseers, both residential and universal, who cherish finding superb works of the Mother Nature. Halong Bay may be most delightful amid summer, yet some of the time it has substantial rains or even ocean storms. In the harvest time, the climate is perfect and cool for excursions and occasion. Plus, the temperature is low in winter, however not as chilly as that in the West. In spring, it is frequently get foggy and wet. That is certainly not useful for voyaging or going by the locales and additionally taking photographs.

Resulting in these present circumstances regular ponder, you won’t just have the capacity to witness the amazing scenes of the nature additionally appreciate various mainstream however fascinating things to do in halong narrows visit

Sleeping On Board

In spite of a great deal of new lodgings are being built up on the islands, experienced visitors prescribe new ones to spend no less than one night on board a watercraft. By along these lines, they could respect the cove much nearer up in a more extraordinary way. There are different sorts of water crafts accessible in Halong Bay, from elevated requirement cruisers to diesel-controlled throws out. Obviously, the costs you need to spend for the throws out are a great deal less costly in contrasted and the cruisers however remember that they are clearly little and do shake much. Along these lines, in the event that you have enough spending plans, don’t dither to book a cruiser for your trek. Be that as it may, paying little mind to your decision, attempt it no less than one night. Trust me, you won’t lament about this experience!

# Sunbathe In Halong Bay

One of the most satisfying things to do in Halong Bay is sunbathing or swimming. Having thousands of grottoes and limestone, Halong Bay offers countless places for tourists to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, snorkelling, fishing, or kayaking upon cruising around. For example, if you choose to stop at Cat Ba Island, there are different famous beaches for you to relax on, such as Cat Co 1 (Cat Co 1), Cat Co 2 (Cat Co 2), and Cat Co 3 (Cat Co 3). According to some experienced tourists, they said that the sunning scenery of mountain cliffs rinsing out of this bay becomes an ideal backdrop for many water-based activities.

# Practice Tai Chi on desk

Tai Chi is the ancient martial art which has been performed for thousands of years in China in order to improve the physical health, mental health through its controlled, soft movements. If you practice Tai Chi in the peace, with the help of great outdoor aids, you could achieve a lot of benefits via this art form. Hence, is it a great idea of practicing Tai Chi when being surrounded by the sublime natural beauty of Halong Bay?

You can practice Tai Chi under the instructions of experienced Tai Chi Master to learn to take control of your body as well as mind. The location of practicing could be on the deck of the junk boat cruise. It will definitely bring to you a unique experience of breathing in the air, watching sun rise and practicing Tai Chi.

# Visit floating villages

Floating village is an interesting feature of the daily life of Halong Bay locals. For most of us, a cruise on the emerald clear green water of Halong Bay is a unique experience, so it might be hard to imagining living everyday life surrounded by the beauty of this well-known bay. However, for a large number of families of the traditional floating fishing villages in Halong Bay, water world is their second hometown. This sounds strange but it does. Rising and falling with the natural tide, these floating villages have been “warm” homes to many generations of fishermen in Halong Bay. These families earn their living from the diversified supply of the marine life. You could understand more about the real life of those fishermen on floating boats by chatting with them. Pay a visit to one of those charming villages, meet playful kids, and meet some grinning fishermen. This way, you are experiencing of the most interesting things to do in Halong Bay.

# Ride on Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba (Cat Ba) is considered as the largest island in Halong Bay, Cat Ba owns some impressive natural beauty found in the area, not to mention to wide range of species as well as natural habitats. The best way to approach this isle is by boat, and the best way to explore it is on foot or by rented bicycle.

Let yourself flow with the beauty of Cat Ba by exploring limestone hills, discovering those hidden waterfalls, grottoes and lakes; spotting wildlife hidden in coastal forests as well as mangroves; or going snorkelling off this coast to search the underwater life. There are endless options for you to experience this island in your own way.

Stunning Islands in Southeast Asia

koh-samui-thailandSoutheast Asia claims many excellent islands which are acclaimed for its wild and beguiling regular excellence. This article will present 5 most lovely islands in Southeast Asia.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is the island having the biggest number of voyagers in Thailand. Koh Samui gets to be appealing a direct result of unadulterated blue waters and white sandbanks. Furthermore, in Koh Samui, there are a large group of 5-star inns with standard administrations getting guests extraordinary minutes their trek.

As a general rule, the view of Koh Samui looks wonderful all the year around; hence you can visit this island at whatever time. You can swim in the stunning ocean, appreciate excellent common perspectives and take an interest in different exercises on the shoreline.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Situated in Kien Giang area and viewed as the biggest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc contains shocking shorelines extending over delicate white sand. Also, voyagers will get charming encounters when taking a gander at brilliant coral reefs at the base of the ocean.

Coming to Phu Quoc, you can visit excellence spots like Cape Ganh Dau, Sao Beach, Dai shoreline, Khem shoreline; watch the dusk at Dinh Cau , investigate the antiquated angling town called Ham Ninh, visit pearl ranches, angle sauce and sim wine plants.


Koh Rong, Cambodia

The length of coastline of Cambodia is quite modest but it possesses numerous fine beaches. Compared to many other places, unspoiled beauty of beaches in Cambodia still has been preserved; and Koh Rong island is the island having such a beauty.

Koh Rong is located in the Gulf of Thailand, 20 km far from the coastal city called Shihanoukville. This is one of most famous islands in Cambodia. White sandbanks and blue and warm ocean waters hold attractions for tourists. If having an occasion, you come to visit Koh Rong to see lovely small wooden houses along the beach.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi archipelago in Malaysia compares to a jewel of Malaysia tourism. This archipelago comprises 99 islands with various sizes located in Andaman sea, 30 km far from the mainland. Like Koh Rong and Koh Samui, Langkawi possesses beautiful beaches. Here visitors can select a tour to visit islands, go fishing, watch the eagles, take a cruise, go surfing or snorkelling, etc.

Bali, Indonesia

With beautiful natural scenery, oceanic climate and unique cultures, Bali is one of the most favorite destinations and has been long named tropical paradise by its tourists. What attracts tourists to Bali throughout the year is magnificent beaches, immense green terraced fields and dense jungles.

Moreover, given the title of the homeland of temples, Bali has up to 20,000 temples with different sizes. If coming here, you should not miss Uluwatu and Tanah Lot temples, which are regarded as the most beautiful ones in Bali. Both temples are preferred due to their unique geographical position, they lie on towering cliffs overlooking the sea.


Attractions in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a combination of the old and new, normal and frantic made. It is stuffed with unlimited conceivable outcomes for voyagers of assorted types. This energizing city offers an essence of nearly everything. Whether you are searching for adrenaline-actuated enterprises or an advancing social ordeal, your shoddy air tickets to Abu Dhabi from UK will give you an extraordinary opportunity to experience these furthermore significantly more. The broad coastline and the forsake scenes likewise give an awesome differing qualities of regular magnificence. Here’s a rundown of some of its most went by attractions.

Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque

The great mosque is a compositional showstopper with stunning outsides and insides. It can house more than 40,000 admirers and is known for some other intriguing elements. The principle petition corridor has one of the biggest crystal fixtures of the world and the world’s biggest hand tied cover.

Legacy Village

This reproduction of a customary town of Abu Dhabi offers intriguing experiences into the emirate’s rich past and the genuine Bedouin friendliness. It is overseen by the Emirates Heritage Club and makes an absolute necessity visit spot to encounter the social side of Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

The eight kilometers of delightful manicured waterfront is one of stunning family scenes of Abu Dhabi. The energizing territory gloats play zone, Corniche shoreline, person on foot walkways and isolate cycle track. There are three distinct zones is committed for families, singles and the overall population.

Emirates Palace

If you can afford Abu Dhabi presents an option to stay in world’s most expensive hotel. The lavish and magical place is not less than any monument. It has 394 luxurious rooms and suites and excellent culinary delight. Located in the heart of the mega-city, Emirates Palace is perfect place to live an Arabian fantasy.

Qasr Al Hosn

A tour of Qasr Al Hosn is a brilliant idea to get knowledge of traditional Emirati architecture and buildings. The visitors can learn and understand the archaeology as it is the part of fun activities. Qasr Al Hosn also organised a beautiful festival every year to celebrate the history of the fort and many centuries of Emirati culture.

Manarat Al Saadiyat

The huge Saadiyat Cultural District is spread in 15,400 square metres. The arts and culture centre presents unique opportunity to explore exhibitions with international collections, events gallery, theatre, and restaurant. Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority uses this venue as permanent space for cultural programme and exhibitions.

Abu Dhabi indeed has it all and is much more than simply a stopover. Plan a trip to the destination with cheap flights to Abu Dhabi and find out what makes it so exceptional and worth a visit.


Travel Guide to Italy

Take a visit to a universe of eminence with Italy events. Italy is subdivided into 20 locale and their individual capital urban ranges, with highlights including the Tuscan city of Florence, Venice and its notable channels, the old capital Rome, the Amalfi Coast and the island of Sicily.

Italy’s charm is gotten from its out of date outline, valid vitality, its flawless coastlines and the great Mediterranean environment of its southern regions.

Italy visits explore its phenomenal geography from the Alps at its edge with France to Sicily’s year-round sunshine. The country is home to various universally prominent excursion spots, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Rome’s Colosseum, and the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Italy is similarly synonymous with high outline as the start of the Armani, Fundi, and Gucci, Prada and Dolce and Gabbana marks.

Flights to Italy can take you to wonderful Tuscany and its capital Florence, considered the cause of the Renaissance improvement – social and breathtaking restoration of the medieval times which made Michelangelo and Leonardo De Vinci’s finest work.

An UNESCO-secured city, Florence is situated as a champion among the most delightful urban territories on the planet obligingness of its radiant designing and stunning workmanship gatherings. Michelangelo’s most famous statue “David” is housed in the city’s Academy of Fine Arts show.

Only a short trek north of Florence, the sentimental stream city of Venice lures guests with its shocking cityscape. Arranged on 118 islands connected by a progression of scaffolds and trenches, Venice is referred to the world over as ‘The Floating City’.

Take a gondola ride through the channels to encounter the city’s amazing design or visit Venice’s extraordinarily noteworthy church, St Marks Basilica.

Italy’s capital Rome is immersed with history. The Colosseum is a milestone to Rome’s old history, while Old Masters, for instance, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Bernini are shown in the most settled presentations on the planet at Capitoline Museums. Meanwhile, the Pope holds general group in St Peter’s Square and Michelangelo’s artful culmination in the Sistine Chapel remains one of the tremendous gems ever.

South of Rome, the Amalfi Coast’s amazing feign confront building seems to tumbles into the ocean. Arranged on the Mediterranean Sea, the atmosphere is close faultless year-round (however greatly hot in summer). Various motels work lifts down the shaky slopes to the private shorelines outfitted with shoreline umbrellas and seats, nearby your own specific private server to help you refuel on Italy’s acclaimed pizza and wine.

The prominent island of Sicily is enveloped by dull blue oceans which adjust remarkably with the whitewashed structures spotted along the island’s incline tops. Indisputably the most superb vistas in Italy have a lot of the Sicilian towns of Palmer, Messina and Catania, which keep up an unmistakable way of life detach from the hurrying about of the region.

Top Phuket Attraction

There are various things to appreciate in Phuket and a get-away here is insufficient to see and do everything. The goal resemble a fantasy. You could enjoy nearly everything like – mind invigorating shows, different enterprise exercises, and trekking, kayaking visits or do plunging.

Here are the top Phuket attractions :

# Appreciate the Phi Island

This is a most loved goal in Phuket and practically everybody adores it. Phi Island is an exceptionally lovely island in the globe and a visit here will mitigate your psyche. Wake up at a young hour in the morning to go to the island to see the wonderful dawn. Stop for a moment at the Maya Bay and enjoy a dazzling lunch at Ao Ton Sai.

# Phang Nga Bay

This is an incredible day visit that offers you going through the quiet waters of the Phang Nga Bay. You can ride on a speed pontoon or unwind on the customary Chinese nourishment plate. Venture to every part of the James Bond Island, where a mind boggling limestone arrangements anticipating you and visit the Sea Gypsy town.

# Similan Islands

Just couple of minutes of drive from Phuket, there is an arrangement of islands, which are thick and dim. There are the Similan Islands, which are famous among scuba jumpers, however now, parts more voyagers go for snorkeling and appreciate the unparallel regular excellence of the environment.

# FantaSea Show

This is a must travel place if you are traveling around Phuket. See theatrical acts, enjoy games, know more about the facts and history of Thailand, and enjoy lots of shopping opportunity. There are many mind and soul refreshing international and Thai foods to eat.

# Phuket nightlife

Phuket nightlife is simply thrilling and offers a great time to enjoy. There is the Simon Cabaret which is a musical floor and you can see lady-boys extravaganza. Don’t back from the Phuket without playing Thai boxing. It will be an enthralling experience.

# Sea Kayaking

Phuket is blessed with some beautiful natural caves that are called “hongs”. These hongs are in thin and low entry shape that opens up inside. Board on a small canoe or kayak to travel through the waters and enter the calm bay inside, this will be a great journey to get memorable experience.

# Wat Chalong and Phuket temples

One of the popular temples in Phuket, Wat Chalong is visited by millions of travelers to see its beautiful pagodas and many reflections on small glass pieces. There are many important shrine places in Phuket. Must visit its Big Buddha statue!

# Thai boxing

If you are in Thailand and have leisure time then must catch some action at the Boxing ring. It will be an exciting fun. Phuket has the best places to know about the Thai boxing culture. Visit the Saphan Hin Stadium where you can see the boxing and martial-arts matches. You can also catch the action in Patong Beach.


Great View Of Washington DC During Night

The landmarks of Washington, D.C., are the most went by in the country’s capital, however to overlook doing combating the substantial group and to locate a novel look of these amazing destinations, you ought to consider Washington DC night visits. In this way, how about we discover how you ought to arrange your Washington DC visit.

Search for a 2-hour stumble on Old Town Trolley, which ventures a large portion of D.C’s. chief attractions while a visit control offers you with fun foundation data. The outside, orange and green trolley likewise give you inexhaustible photograph shooting openings by ceasing at the vast majority of the vital spots. You will have the opportunity to visit the U.S. Legislative center, the Vietnam War, the Jefferson Memorial, Korean and World War II dedications, the Washington Monuments, the White House, and Arlington National Cemetery, where you will witness the Kennedy family’s continuous fire and resting spot.

Investigate the sights on D.C. after evening!The visit, which leaves from Union Station, will take you past the Capitol, the White House, the Kennedy Center, the Supreme Court and the Iwo Jima Memorial.

Control Washington on a guided Segway trip. After a short instructional course on the Segways, your visit guide will direct you to the National Mall, where you will witness the landmarks encasing the shopping center in all their evening time wonderfulness. You will investigate the Holocaust Museum, the Tidal Basin, the Jefferson and Lincoln dedications, the shopping center’s prominent Reflecting Pool, and the Vietnam and World War II remembrances. Remember that, in the event that you are under 16, you mayn’t be took into account a Segway visit.

Relish Washington from the water, particularly during the warmer months. Capitol River Cruises provides 45 minute sightseeing trips of the city on the Potomac River, aboard one of its 2 tiny riverboats: the Nightingale & the Nightingale II. The narrated cruises will take you past the Watergate hotel, the Kennedy Center, the Washington Monument, the Capitol, and other popular juncture. You can board Capitol River Cruises from its Washington Harbor area in Georgetown. Cruises depart everyday on the hour, and you can even enjoy a cruise late in the evening. A recreation bar on board caters wine, beer, sodas, spirits and snacks.

Nonetheless, the city’s night scenery is awe-inspiring and absolutely different from the day-time view. The spectacular view of Washington DC’s monuments during night shouldn’t be missed at any cost. There are many specialized tour operators that are offering customized Washington DC night tours that you must take advantage of

Tourist Attractions in Johannesburg

The greatest city of South Africa, Johannesburg is a dynamic center for expressions and culture. Its bistros, eateries and workmanship studios are presently an extraordinary fascination for traveler. On the off chance that you are wanting to visit Johannesburg, you should visit these beat vacation destinations.

Gold Reef City

It is one of the top family attractions in Johannesburg, it gives an awesome affair. It is an event congregation that is themed around the gold rush so the structures in the recreation center are intended to imitate a similar period. The recreation center has a gallery too that is committed to gold mining on the ground. The attractions of stop incorporate crazy rides, water rides and the most acclaimed Gold Reef Casino.

Minds Art Museum

You should visit the moving exhibition hall that has an incredible gathering of African workmanship, including contemporary and authentic craftsmanship.

The Market Theater

The market theater assumes an essential part in the city’s social life. The market theater has four live settings of theater where a portion of the finest generation in South Africa are introduced. It likewise incorporates eateries, craftsmanship and photographic display, and a book shop.

The Carlton Centre

It is a skyscraper and shopping centre in downtown Johannesburg. The Carlton Centre is 223 meters high and so, it is the tallest office building in Africa since 1973. It houses both offices and shops.

FNB Stadium

First National Bank Stadium is also known as soccer city and it is located next to the South African football association (SAFA) headquarters. This stadium is the largest in Africa with a capacity of 94,736.


It is a leisure and casino complex in Johannesburg that attracts over 9.3 million visitors annually.

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden consists of large, grassy, open spaces with trees, used by runners and dog walkers. It host the concert season and kite flying competition, visitors can also enjoy its special gardens like the Shakespeare Garden, the Herb Garden, the Rose Garden and the main arboretum that houses family grouping of plants and trees of south Africa.

The Apartheid Museum

It is a Museum complex in Johannesburg that provides a journey of self-exploration into the days of Apartheid through interactive displays and film footage.


Discover Wonders of Egypt And Jordan

Finding world is one diversion that most consent to. On overviews, it has been expressed that individuals who loathe moving around spots for get-away are more assaulted by wretchedness and dissatisfaction. They stop the medium to free their brain from such infections. When you move out of your experience, you appear to spend some new life. Voyaging individuals are the most joyful ones on earth; reports say as much. Thusly, to make yourself leave all commitments, travel your heart out. The world doesn’t need set up for you to visit. Simply gather your sacks and move out to investigate the world.

Change your excursion put

Being exhausted with a similar get-away places can be extremely bothering. At times a similar old mountains and the ocean don’t draw in you much. This mid year why not experiment with something like the old mummies? Attempt to find a few miracles of Egypt and Jordan with your family alongside Jordan-Petra visit. Egypt is dependably on a travel list for individuals who have cherished voyaging. The puzzling pyramids and mummies, the interesting stories, the immeasurable forsake, have dependably pulled in traveler consistently. Looking the engineering is another motivation to visit this place that is known for Tutankhamen. Significant others of workmanship and design have constantly adored Egypt.

Investigate a greater amount of Egypt

Aside from Cairo, the Nile bank, pyramids of Giza, Sphinx, Egyptian mountains and the city of dead many spots draw in vacationers to Egypt. The Philae Temple and Felucca cruising, the sanctuaries of Abu Simbel look like some antiquated landmarks of Egypt. The camel trek over the incomprehensible Sahara betray is one of a lifetime minute. The sudden dust storm is another experience. The gathering of wanderer hitting the dance floor with their regular clothing is another mix of culture in this 21st century. The persevering point of interest of one of the seven miracles makes it much more entranced. The charming light and sound show at sunset makes you genuinely feel in the seventh ponder.

Explore the neighbouring

If you are planning a Jordan-Petra tour along with Egypt, there are few things you ought to know. Jordan being a neighbouring country enthrals its visitors with the art of architecture on varied subjects. Starting from agriculture to engineering stone carving are breathtaking skills of the early nomadic tribes from Arab. Amman and Petra two most dedicated location to visit has many things to offer you. Petra, not known until the 19th century was home to few thousands of Nabataeans and now crowded by tourists from all over the world. It is them who created this artificial oasis called Petra amidst the enormous desert. Starting from constructing houses with carvings to dams and water conduits, the Nabataeans had done all to establish it into civilisation. However, the city lost its commercial importance and was only found by Swiss explorer, Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in 1812.

Consult the tourism agency

If you decide to make a tour from Sphinx to ancient monuments, it becomes wiser to communicate with a tourism official. It needs prior booking as there is tourists rush on vacations. The tourism agencies will help you in knowing the details about the entire trip. But, as we all know, personal know-how never goes to waste. Knowing a bit of their culture, language, and tradition swill only help you in enjoying the trip even more. The liveliness and interest you would find in knowing your personal knowledge in details is a different experience.

UK Heritage And Cultural Tourism

Legacy and social tourism is a standout amongst the most separated and old item in the travel and tourism industry. It shapes the premise of travel and tourism industry which right now is just showcasing misleadingly made traveler spots. Legacy is the antiquated stays of any city’s verifiable foundation, which regularly educates about the more seasoned methods for living and the way of life of individuals in old times. It is vital on the grounds that it is religiously connected to the feelings of the general population living in the city. Religious conviction and its worries keeps these legacy destinations in great care and give more significance than whatever other visitor spots. The word legacy is generally connected with the exchange from eras to eras.

The legacy of a general public is normally observed as a social convention and it carries on the way of life of custom through eras. Including legacy into tourism is a major gainer for the travel and tourism industry, on the grounds that the fascination of the old culture found in the legacy locales of a city is picking up conspicuousness among voyagers. Culture is the religious conviction, the general population’s conviction living in a specific city taking after the same customary convictions which is obviously noticeable in their reception of items and method for living in their every day life. Culture is frequently a more brilliant recognition which voyagers pick up in their visits to various traveler spots.

History of heritage and heritage tourism in UK

UK is filled with historical sites which has a rich heritage and has been existing for many centuries. Some of the most prominent heritage sites includes All Hallows by Tower which is an ancient church uphill for the Tower of London. It was first established in 675, and after that it was expanded and rebuilt several times during the 11th and 15th century (, 2015). Another site is All Souls College in Oxford which was founded in 1438 by the King of England. Much of the materials used when it was first built are still existing forming an interesting heritage history. The Wiltshire Village of Avebury consists of the largest prehistoric stone circle in Britain. It is considered as the most megalithic site after the Stonehedge. It was constructed in 3000 BC which makes it the oldest heritage site in UK.

These and other sites form the heritage tourism history of UK and it serves as a benchmark of heritage tourism for others to follow. The Grand Tour which was a cultural holiday event undertaken by wealthy Englishmen about 300 years ago has been one of the reason of the survival rate of the heritage tourism. It was usually conducted to search for art, culture, heritage, and ancient monuments search. The tour provided not just liberal education, but an opportunity to purchase things and products which were not easily available in their home country. The tourist after returning would purposely hang the culture, pictures, murals, ancient monuments in their houses and work places and it soon became a symbol of wealth and freedom.